SC-S002(Home Depot Exterior Doors)


SC-S002(Home Depot Exterior Doors)

Sun City Group is a leading door factory located in china, which has produced steel doors more than 10 years with professional experience and competitive price.

Here are some information for your reference.

1)Standard door frame size is 2050*860/960mm.

2)Thickness of door leaf is 50/70/90/100mm

3)Steel thickness of door leaf/door frame:0.5/1.0mm or 0.6/1.2mm

Above information can be customized.

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Our sincere motive is to maintain our goals, giving our customers’ satisfaction. We are doing our best to creat SUN CITY GROUP to the world brand. Winning the trust, satisfaction, developing and creating the latest technical and new innovations in our products are the goals of SUN CITY as the enterprise leader.

We believe we can always give the most suitable door solution to our customers, as the same price we have better quality; the same quality we have better price.